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The Process

At Holman we take pride in our excellent product and the speed at which we are able to deliver our services. We also hear you want to reduced paper use and processing time as well as a reduced impact on the environment.

At PARALEGAL INSURANCE.CA we have implemented Email communication as our primary method of Communication and Electronic Policy paperless Issuance for all our policies. We are pleased to introduce this convenient method to help you with a smart and easy way to manage your insurance and reduce your environmental footprint.

Why Electronic Policy Issuance? 

Quite simply, you can: 
» Receive policies in less time
» Minimize costs in processing documents
» Reduce turnaround time in processing documents
» Minimize paper use and physical storage
» Reduce document processing costs and postage costs
» Support the environment and green initiatives

By receiving documents digitally, you will save time and money. Our turnaround of clients' policies in a fraction of the time it takes to courier or mail.

Why Electronic communication?

We wish to be clear, open and honest about our services we provide so that there’s no room for miscommunication or misunderstanding. It is important that clients understand the process so we can meet and manage their expectations and they understand ours! Our preferred method of contact is by email as it is not always possible to speak to someone immediately. Reduced phone calls also means when you do to need to speak to someone, we are more likely availalbe to take that important call.


For New customers here is how it works!

Step 1 > Download the application    


   5 minutes to complet

Step 2 > complete application including all attachments and checklist.

(If certificates are too large to photocopy a cell phone picture is sufficient). If you have spoken to a Holman employee, please send it to their attention. It is important that you do not change the application or add therapies that are not approved as we will NOT provide coverage for unapproved therapies. If the therapy is not on our application, you will need pre-approval prior to submission.

Step 3 > make payment online or send cheque with application in the mail.

Online payments often take 48 before we receive confirmation funds have been received by Holman.

Step 4 > send application and attachments to Holman in 1 email

 (application and attachments should be in a multipage pdf format along with any other pictures of documents from your cell phone. (Attachments should not exceed 2MB) OR you may fax to (905) 886-5622) . It is not necessary to send the original documents in the mail. If you have spoken to a Holman Broker, please make sure you sent it to their attention.

Step 5 > application is received and reviewed by Holman 

(usually reviewed within 48 hours excluding weekends, holidays and after core business hours Toronto time.)

Step 6 > if application is complete with no missing information, policy is bound and issued as per the effective requested. A Certificate of Insurance will be sent to the LSUC on your behalf.


if it is not complete or unclear, the client will be contacted for missing or additional information.

Step 7 > Policy documents are Emailed to the client

(usually within 3 business days but could take up to 5 business days during busy periods).

NOTE: It is not necessary for clients to call us every step of process. We will expediate your application in the order it is received.




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Special Note               

   We can also insure:
Lawyers and Law Firms
Private Investigators
Title Searchers
Document Searchers
Background checkers
Collection Agents
Human Resource Professionals
Temporary Staffing firms
Placement agencies